Luigi Pericle

Judy Godhart on Luigi Pericle :

The Object at the End of Time

The artifice of time in Luigi Pericle’s Matri Dei d.d.d. series

Fingertips dancing around the polished surface of a marble. Grasping only loosely as the object is about to be released to fall. With the certainty of gravity, the marble descends towards the ground for it to grind to halt at its lowest energetic state. Things in the universe are not being pushed. They are being pulled. Luigi Pericle’s oeuvre is an exposition of the temporal equivalent to gravity, in which objects are not drawn through space, but time. In an instant movement of ever-accelerating speed, it appears as if the artwork’s substance is being pulled towards an attractor that exists ahead of us in time (1), rendering each moment eternal.
Exhibited alongside masters such as Pablo Picasso, Karen Appel, Antoni Tàpies and Jean Dubuffet, Luigi Pericle (1916-2001) was a leading figure in the art scene … continue here

Luigi Pericle’s official website


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